New Release: Sulene - Strange (Reimagined)

Sulene released a "reimagined" version of her Strange EP. The Strange (Reimagined) EP contains all 4 tracks re-created in a minimal, dreamy, more personal tone that reflects her film composing style. The EP also includes a bonus track called "Something New."

Sulene Reimagined.jpeg

Sulene van der Walt is a South African New Yorker who’s debut EP, Strange, was released in March 2017. She’s known as the lead guitarist for Nate Ruess (of fun.) and her guitar playing has been heard everywhere from DIY clubs in Brooklyn to the East Room of the White House. Her voice has been featured in films and TV shows, ranging from Halle Berry shower scenes to Al Pacino stage-diving. Based in Brooklyn, she is an active part of the indie-pop and rock scene and spent the better part of the last two years performing on stages across the world with various acts.

You can Listen to and License the new EP here 

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