New Release: Rèn with the Mane- Fool For You

Rén with the Mane's new single 'Fool For You' is the B side to her last single Burnin. 'Burnin' signifying the rise, and 'Fool For You' the fall of most relationships. ... listen to Rèn’s new release and more here 


"Initially I wrote this song about a friends experience. She kept going back to this man after he burned her one too many times and as wise man once said, you cant polish a turd. In New York its seems everyones falling in love and getting their hearts broken on a monthly basis. It's a vicious cycle but it makes for good songwriting inspiration at the mercy of my friends juicy heartbreak. The take away from it all is at the end of the day you've got to love yourself...some good girlfriends/good wine can help too."

Fool For You' is your classic toxic relationship tune. 

"I wanted the outro of the song "dig yourself deeper and deeper" to take on another meaning. The obvious translation would be me referring to this guy digging himself into a hole with his lies, but really I'm saying DIG YOURSELF- aka- LOVE YOURSELF ditch this toxicity and know your self worth. “ - Rèn with the Mane.


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