New Release: Polo - Louder Than Words

Following on from debut EP 'Alice' and 2017 single 'Zeitgeist' – an exploration into the unspoken electricity of new human connections, Leeds trio Polo [formed of songwriting trio Luke Lount, Kat McHugh and Daniel Edgell] are continuing to push their niche of affective, dappled synth pop with new single 'Louder Than Words'.


Maintaining the intimate themes of their previous work, the track finds McHugh drawing from the age-old adage 'actions speak louder than words' and placing it in the context of a personal episode from her own life. “The song is about trying to find the right words to say to someone that you’re close to before there is a big change in the situation,” she explains. “It highlights how hard it is to find the right things to say when I had a million things running though my head, but also finding comfort in knowing deep down that those true feelings were shown through my actions.”

Written in the band's hometown of Beeston in Leeds – an area they knowingly describe as “famous for being a total dive”, 'Louder Than Words' is about as far from its rough'n'ready birthplace as you could hope to get. Taking Polo's characteristic bubbling synths and glossy, high-shine textures, it's a track that embraces the sheen of studio polish whilst also ringing with a very human heart underneath. “Although the song is introspective and covers a relatively tough period, it ultimately embodies personal empowerment and not forgetting the good times,” says Lount. “The music has all of our typical wobbly bits, but over a more refined and cleaner backdrop. We love to have a lot of fun when producing our music and we spend a great deal of time exploring new ways to create wacky and unique sounds.”

At its heart though, beneath the playful, plinking synth splashes that dance throughout or the subtle, undulating bassline that roots it down, 'Louder Than Words' is an instant earworm that proves that Polo are growing as songwriters of clout even without the extra tricks. “It's nice to have a song that sounds good, but if at it's heart there is no substance, you know it''ll never go too far,” nods Lount. It's a problem they certainly won't have to worry about.

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