Artist Feature: Rén with the Mane

This week we talked with Rén with the Mane, off the back of her recent Syncs with GGGTD and Teen Mom, and her fresh single release Hypnotized. Listen to all her singles here.


"As it turns out, I like to write introspective, optimistic music. It isn't my intension to write these kind of tunes but lately it's been a trend of mine.."

What is your story in music to date?: I grew up the youngest of 3. My sister sang & my brother played guitar. We were known as the musical family growing up. It was only natural that I followed in their footsteps and now their in my band. 

(For my full music story to date I'd need 50 more pages & a box of kleenex)

Who are your influences in music? And what are you currently listening to?: I'm constantly inspired and influenced by artists both new and old. I love that The Beatles can write songs that are all over the spectrum. You dance, you cry, you reflect, etc. I think their flexibility in music and having not been put in a "genre box" is why everyone loves them.. because theres something for everyone. 

How does it feel being part of the independent music scene?The Indie scene is more bountiful then ever. Even as recent as 4 years ago- it was (in my opinion) much easier to get your music heard. Nowadays its difficult to NOT meet an indie artist in Brooklyn.. that being said, there is an incredible amount of talent, so much music to be heard, any SO many outlets to discover new music on (#SPOTIFY). Growing up I remember to listening to Mandy More on repeat..Im so glad I don't have to do that anymore (even though 'Candy' is a classic).
I think its an amazing time for all indie artists. The trick is trying to stand out from the crowd.
To answer the question, it feels inspired and stressful.

What's been your career highlights to date?: Opening for 'Brazilian Girls' back in December was definitely a highlight for me. Back in the Myspace days (2008- I was a high school junior) their song 'Dont Stop' was my profile song.

Oh, and my New Music Video.. See Below!

What would be your dream collaboration and why? I'd love to collaborate with Pharrell. I keep finding that he's the mastermind behind so many songs that I love.. I need to know what this guys all about. 

HAIM would be great too..I'd get my siblings involved.. the harmonies between the 6 of us would be monumental. Oo and a lil' Tame Impala collab would be amazing.

How does your Music connect personally to you? : Im a super playful, carefree person naturally and I want my music to maintain a fun vibe..

As it turns out, I like to write introspective, optimistic music. It isn't my intension to write these kind of tunes but lately it's been a trend of mine.
Whether its about 'Time' "you live you learn you die", or going 'into the unknown' and taking chances because you're fed up with your shitty job/relationship/ situation.  

If you can dance whilst feeling these emotions, I guess thats the goal.. and I love a good bass line.

What do you get the most out of? Studio or Live performance?There is nothing quite like the feeling of finishing a song that resonates with you. 
It becomes a part of your existence, and it will still exist when you're gone.. 

I know thats really deep but its true. If I ever die I would want all my music to be released.  
I love knowing that recorded music is immortal.

What would you be doing for a career if music hadn't come a knocking?: I love clothing. Outside of music my sister and I have a boutique within our fathers furniture store.

P.s. My friend and merch designer Sofia Christopoulos have been coming up with some epic outside the box ideas for Rén with the Mane merch and I can't wait for them to come to fruition.. I mean who said you cant sell weaves at a merch table?

What's next for you? Future plans?: 

1. Promote my music video for Hypnotize!
2. My song 'Into the Unknown' will be featured on this seasons "Girlfriends Guide to Divorce" and "Teen Mom 2"
3. And an EPIC new single... release date TBD

You can find more from Rén with the Mane over at