Artist Feature: Lauran Hibberd

The Isle of Wight based Singer/Songwriter Lauran Hibberd, effortlessly strikes a poetic imbalance between pop and folk. Listen to all her singles here.


"I played Bestival Main Stage, to be on the main stage line up, alongside pet shop boys was pretty awesome! It was a great crowd, and honestly muddy..."

What is your story in music to date?: I started writing songs when I was 15 years old, and haven't stopped since. I have released a debut EP, and three singles to date. I started as an acoustic singer/songwriter, I think like most people do and eventually found my feet and started experimenting with new sounds. More recently, I think my music is a bit more coming of age. I like to call it my Indie Movie Soundtrack. I've played some great festivals, including Isle of Wight, Bestival and Y Not. I love playing live, being a singer/songwriter is such a flexible process live, as an audience never know if you are going to rock up on your own with an acoustic guitar, or with a full band and more pedals than you can imagine. That's what I love about what I do, I feel like it can be so many different things and there is nothing to tie it in to one place. 

More recently, I am aiming to release a single every other month which is great fun.

Who are your influences in music? And what are you currently listening to?: My main influences when I started at 15, were the likes of Laura Marling, Ben Howard and Daughter. I adored and still do, the singer/songwriter. It's such a timeless act, when it's done well. More recently, I've been listening to a lot of The White Stripes, Feist and upcoming writers like Maggie Rogers. 

How does it feel being part of the independent music scene?It's great! It's always thriving, and there's so much life in it now. It's great to be able to achieve things on your own, and have great platforms on hand to help and up and coming artists. There is definitely a great pride that comes with that DIY mentality, and it works. Band support other bands, and it's a great time to be in the industry

What's been your career highlights to date?: I played Bestival Main Stage this September, and it was incredible. I'm no stranger to a festival, but to be on main stage line up, alongside pet shop boys was pretty awesome! It was a great crowd, and honestly muddy.

What would be your dream collaboration and why? I would love to collaborate with Leslie Feist, her songwriting and vocal is incredible so to sit in a room with her and write or perform would just be an absolute dream for me.

How does your Music connect personally to you? : My latest release ELIZA, is all about that little voice in the back of your mind. We all have it, or have had it at some point, and in a way it's about letting that go. It's a really fun tale (the music video, out now is a really good way of explaining my concept behind the song). 

My up and coming single 'Hunny Is This What Adults Do?' is all about me not wanting to become an adult, and do what everyone else is doing. It's clutching on to teenage years, two years to late. It's really upbeat, and a fun way of realising you never have to let that go if you don't want to.

I write about all manner of things, down to a free haircut I had once so there is no rhyme or reason to it, but I prefer to write from personal experiences.

What do you get the most out of? Studio or Live performance?I love it all, I don't think you can have one without the other. You can't get people to live shows if you haven't impressed with a recording, and you can't test new material to take to the studio if you haven't put enough time into gigging. Saying this, nothing quite compares to the feeling you get after a great show.

What would you be doing for a career if music hadn't come a knocking?: I'd probably be writing books somewhere, I always loved words and how they can be strung together and mean so many different things to different people. So being a lyricist is definitely a great love of mine.

What's next for you? Future plans?: 

I'm just going to keep writing, keep recording, keep gigging and keep momentum up. My first tour looks like it will be on the horizon for 2018 which is really exciting to.

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