Introducing Jonas Schwartz

We recently caught up with Jonas Schwartz - after leaving his hometown of Gothenburg, Jonas headed to Stockholm where he dropped his guitar in favour of synths. You can license and listen to more Jonas Schwartz here.

"The music that has formed me the most is without doubt Tom Petty, but movies have always been the most inspiring thing for me..."

When and Why did you start with music?: I started pretty late. I was around 18 when I started my first band with my friends. We wanted to make some kind of post-rock thing. I think we started in the wrong end since no one of us could play except me. All the other guys got tired of it and stopped playing but I continued and have ever since.

Who were your biggest influences in art and music?: The music that has formed me the most is without doubt Tom Petty, but movies have always been the most inspiring thing for me. The first time I saw a Swedish movie called Förväl Falkenberg was a big and crucial thing for me. I don't know what I would think of it today but it shaped and shaked me at a very important moment of my life.

What's been your favorite moment so far on your journey?: I think right now is a big moment for me. I am taking a step towards recording and producing which is fantastic and fun. I didn't think of music as "fun" before - it was more something that I just had to do. Now I enjoy it and feel happy when i'm creating.

And what has been the most difficult/character building?: Hmmm. Probably to not feel envy or grudge against other musicians. That's a really bad thing to feel but sometimes it's hard when you put so much effort in something and it just falls between chairs (maybe it's just a swedish expression). It's very easy to get bitter and begrudge other people. It dosen't have to be all bad because it can get your motor running but in the long run that's something that eats you. I have learned to cope with.

Do you perform live, or do you prefer the studio?: Right now I prefer the studio since I recently finnished my own homestudio. I love to play live but i'm going to wait until my next thing is done and ready. It's great to be able to do both. In live situations you don't have total control and you have to deal with circumstances and be in the moment. In the studio you can be a dreamer and take a sip of your coffee while writing big arrangements. Both of them is fantastic.

If you could only keep one instrument, what would it be?: Probably an acoustic guitar. Boring answer I know but for me it's the most essential instrument.

What, if any, other arts do you pursue/enjoy?: I have a really big interest in movies without knowing so much about how it works and the arts behind it. It keeps it more magical than music for me.

What attracted you to North Note?: You seem easy going and hungry. That's important to me. Looking forward to see what the future will show.

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