Introducing Ingrid Witt

We recently caught up with Ingrid Witt, an artist, producer and songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. Since she was ten the computer has been the essential tool for creation. Emphasising the concept of DIY with melancholic harmonies, shiny synths and bouncing beats. License and listen to more Ingrid Witt here.

"Around the time I started to learn to produce, I discovered Quincy Jones, and the impact that he had had on Michael Jackson's success"

When and Why did you start with music?: I have always been surrounded by music and went to a music elementary school and a music high school. I started when I was 7, with the violin, but I didn't really fall in love. When I was 10 my father thought he would refresh his music hobby, and got a synth and Cubase. However, it was me who ended up in front of the computer, starting with adding my own instruments to existing songs. I remember that I added strings and "orchestra hits" to Christina Aguilera's Come On Over. The best thing about the computer was that you didn't really have to practice, just playing around with sounds was so great! Since then I have sort of always been writing and producing songs, mostly alone in my bedroom(s) .

Who were your biggest influences in art and music?: My first biggest influence was of course Spice Girls. I really got hit by the girl power. Around the time I started to learn to produce, I discovered Quincy Jones, and the impact that he had had on Michael Jackson's success. I have always been fascinated by that, the mastermind behind it all. The Bad album is just timeless. No one has been able to imitate what was done there. 

Then of course, Madonna. She and has really inspired me by being so diverse and always combining concepts including visuals and music, creating a new world and idea for every new album. Madonna is my role model. When in doubt in this industry I can always think "what would Madonna do?".

What's been your favorite moment so far on your journey?: Hard one. But, releasing my song Make Up last year was a big moment for me since I had been away from music for some years. I was really proud when I listened to my own single on Spotify the first time, since it represented my decision to really do the music thing.

And what has been the most difficult/character building?: I think many musicians agree with me that it is a hard business. And if the music is not "successful" then it's not good. Sometimes you really feel like the only one who like what you do, and that can make you feel quite useless. However, in the end, the only thing that matters is that you actually love what you do and some days that feeling is strong and you feel like the most powerful person in the world. It is like a never ending roller coaster.

Do you perform live, or do you prefer the studio?: I do both. It's a bit schizo. I love make-up and outfits and performing and the attention. I also love being completely alone in my bubble, with my computer. It's weird but I get a lot of energy not being around people. As long as I have the music I really don't feel lonely.

If you could only keep one instrument, what would it be?: My voice. That and the piano are the only instruments I can play. But pianos are not very portable. If you don't count the computer as an instrument?

What, if any, other arts do you pursue/enjoy?: I dance sometimes. I also like make-up. I have a secret dream of being a make-up artist. That is also art.

What attracted you to North Note?: It's a great opportunity to reach out with my music. The NN people seem cool and the site looks really good!!

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