Introducing Hilang Child

Recently London's Ed Riman under the moniker "Hilang Child" gave us a snap shot of whats behind his beautiful atmospheric melodies and ancient swoon worthy vocals. License and Listen to his music here.

Hilang Child

"When I was about 21 I just got itchy feet from being behind the drums all the time, so taught myself the piano and started pursuing songwriting from there."

When and Why did you start with music?: I played the violin a bit as a kid but never really got anywhere with it. The took up the drums aged about 12 or 13 and gradually realised I could sing when doing backing vocals in a few bands I was in. When I was about 21 I think I just got itchy feet from being behind the drums all the time, so taught myself the piano and started pursuing songwriting from there.

Who were your biggest influences in music?: That's a loaded question that I could go on for days about! I think most artists are influenced in some way by everything they hear, whether intentionally or not. 

In terms of other artists, I guess before I started writing there definitely was certain music that would give me this mad undescribable urge to learn to write my own music when I listened, which I couldn't really explain. But not necessarily in the sense that I wanted to do what they were doing. Reich's Music for 18 Musicians, Sigur Ros/Jonsi, Paul Thomas Saunders, Brian Wilson, Fleet Foxes, Efterklang were a few who gave me that feeling. Actually currently listening to an awesome album called Prince Pansori Priestess by this new duo called Bamboo, which is giving me that urge too.

Is Art a big influence in your music?: I've always felt quite influenced by stuff like images, dreams, places and memories too, I love the idea of trying to sonically conjure up an imagined place, or a snapshot in time. I'd say hearing the work of people like Joe Hisaishi, Nobuo Uematsu, Jim Guthrie and Howard Shore through their respective mediums always gave me that 'I wanna do that' feeling too - not that my music is crazily cinematic or scene setting or anything, but I just love how perfectly their music brings otherworldly life and atmosphere to the film/game scenes they accompany.

Who's in your playlist at the moment?: At the moment I'm listening loads to Hundred Waters, Money, Frakkur, Braids, Beach Boys, Nic Jones, C. Duncan, Jarbird, Rory A. Butler.

What's been your favorite moment so far on your journey?: There's been a few great moments, actually my recent EP launch show in London was an amazing moment. Was only the second time I've done a headline show and it was unbelievable to see the place packed out, was really special. Have been lucky enough so far to have opened for some great other artists too, was great sharing a stage with people like Sivu, Admiral Fallow, Keaton Henson and Jarbird.

And what has been the most difficult/character building?: Only the second proper show I ever did was opening for Active Child at XOYO, it was sold out with a lot of music people there. It was literally only the second time I'd ever properly sung in front of anyone and I think we just weren't ready, had a rushed soundcheck and I was bricking it, and we kind of died on our arses. Was a harsh early lesson. Obviously we were able to learn from it and we've come on tenfold from then, but was certainly demoralising at the time.

Do you perform live, or do you prefer the studio?: As mentioned, I do perform live. I do enjoy playing live but as I often write such massive arrangements, it's sometimes a challenge to re-arrange a 12-instrument track to fit a 2 or 3-piece live act. So in that respect I like the freedom that being in the 'studio' gives you.

If you could only keep one instrument, what would it be?: My voice for sure - does that count? The most ancient and precious of all musical instruments!

What, if any, other arts do you pursue/enjoy?: I guess music is the only 'art' I really pursue. I'm still active as a session drummer when I can be. Have recently been playing on a couple of albums for some pretty exciting new projects and occasionally drum live for a few people.

What attracted you to North Note?: George got in touch with me and it looked like you guys were starting an exciting thing, so was most definitely up for jumping on board!

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