Artist Feature: Charlotte Black

Originally from Edinburgh and now based in London, the up and coming singer/songwriter has been championed by the likes of the Unsigned Music Awards and British Airways throughout 2018. Support so far has come in the shape of Amazing Radio, Hoxton Radio, Pop Justice, His Kind, Celeb Mix and Buzz Feed.. Listen and license here.

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"Definitely being nominated as a top 10 female for the Unsigned Music Awards! It came as the biggest surprise and was such an exciting time for me. It was also amazing having my last single be play-listed on all British Airways transatlantic flights..."

What is your story in music to date?: I began songwriting when I was around 8 years old but it mostly entailed little bits of poetry and diary entries. I have been in love with the craft ever since. I got my first guitar at 15 and started properly writing songs and uploading them, along with covers to youtube. I started getting up to 50k views on most of my videos so this really gave me the confidence I needed to pursue music further. I then studied at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London where we had to write 3 songs a week!

Having been a graduate for over a year now I have kept up writing three tracks a week which as significantly improved my skills! I released my first single in 2017 and have released two since then which tell the story of the ups and downs of finding love in your 20s. I now have a large bank of songs which I'm ready to release throughout the next year alongside live shows which I'm really excited about!

Who are your influences in music? And what are you currently listening to?: I grew up listening to ABBA, David Bowie and Joni Mitchell as thats what my parents had playing in the car on any long journeys as a kid. I then moved onto artists such as Hilary Duff and Avril Lavigne which I absolutely loved when I was growing up. I think the artist who really changed things for me, and I know has for many other songwriters is Taylor Swift. I got her first self titled album at the age of 10 and have been a super fan ever since. The detailed storytelling lyrics are incredible and even her very first album is still one of my favourites. Nowadays I listen to a huge mix of music ranging from country to pop to electro pop and some alternative bands too.

I love Sasha Sloan, Tove Stryke, Bea Miller and Astrid S as well as Keslea Ballerini and Carrie Underwood!

How does it feel being part of the independent music scene?I'm really enjoying being an independent artist at the moment, it's giving me the freedom to write and release whatever I choose and at my own pace. I think it's really important to have spent a lot of time developing yourself as an artist before you sign any big deals. Its really important to me that I release authentic music that is really personal to me. I want my fan base to know who I am, not who a label might want me to be.

What's been your career highlights to date?:  Definitely being nominated as a top 10 female for the Unsigned Music Awards! It came as the biggest surprise and was such an exciting time for me. It was also amazing having my last single be play-listed on all British Airways transatlantic flights, that was a really cool moment! I also spent 6 weeks in Los Angeles for a project last year which was in incredible source of inspiration for my music, and is actually the title of my next single! I've also found it really exciting being in charge of my own marketing and branding, I love planning the next release and exactly how I'm going to channel it through my social media pages.

What would be your dream collaboration and why? Taylor Swift - It would be incredible to see her writing process, where she gets her inspiration from and how her songs are pieced together. She's a genius, and i'd love to learn from her in any way possible.

What's the story behind your releases to date?: Los Angeles is about longing to relive a love you experienced but can no longer have anymore. A holiday romance that was only for the moment but was as magic as ever. 
There‚Äôs a vulnerability about the lyrics, a vulnerability that only comes from life experience. LA has made a big impact on me and I hope to make a big impact on LA one day also.

What do you get the most out of? Studio or Live performance?: Definitely a mixture actually, I love being in the studio because it gives you that freedom to try out different ways of recording vocals and trying out production ideas. It's a safe environment to be really creative and I absolutely love that. I also love performing live, although I do get really nervous before I go up. However the second I start singing It feels amazing, so it makes all of that nervous energy so worth it.

What would you be doing for a career if music hadn't come a knocking?: I would probably be running some sort of wellness business/brand. I'm really interested in wellness, mental health and self care and would have loved to have a career involving helping others.

What's next for you? Future plans?: I'm going to release a lot more music this year, I have quite a few songs lined up which i'm really excited about. I'm also going to start performing live shows as of March with the aim to book some festival slots over the summer!

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