New Release: Endless Forms - If There Were Water

Tulsa's Endless Forms wanted its sophomore LP "If There Were Water" to commence quietly with a gentle wave and continue into something bigger. Frontman and multi-instrumentalist Justin Allen, 26, believes people aren't ready for art upon arrival.


"We all are focused on all of the tiny, unsorted things that comprise our lives, and we need to be rightly oriented in order to enter the mind of a work," he told The Oklahoman. "We kept building the track into this large wave in an attempt to begin the album with a representation of this infinite, quiet, ephemeral weight, happening for billions of years, all the time, everywhere, as this sort of background radiation."

Endless Forms sophomore release is an extremely heartfelt timeless piece of music that we at North Note are very excited to bring to the forefront. A combination of Indie and Ambient Rock that evokes a journey of emotions. Endless Forms new album 'If There Were Water' was just released and wow... it is a spellbinding transcendent journey to the cosmos!

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