New Single: DRUZY - "Move Right On"

DRUZY are back with a new single “Move Right On” and its retro-fabulous. The authentic 80’s sound and glamorous vocal, take you right back to Roller-Skates and the early days of MTV. You can Listen to and License the new releases here 


Brianna Conroy and Luc Alexiades are the duo that makes up the fresh, electronic sound behind Druzy. The two met in Boston at Berklee College of Music and decided to move out to Los Angeles together to pursue their love for writing, singing, and producing.

Pulling from multiple genres, including pop, electronica, and disco, Druzy appeals to a wide demographic due to their catchy and substantial lyrics and melodies and rhythmic production that will get anyone to dance along.

In 2016, they released three singles, Lights Go Out, Can You Hear Me Knocking, and How You Feel. They have been featured in Spotify curated playlists, such as Fresh Finds and Música Do Dia, and have made it into playlists by Earmilk, Disco Naïveté, and Trap Nation’s Too Future, on top of being shared considerably around the music blogosphere. Previously, they have released two EPs, Violet & Vacant and Slow Down, which was released via’s Artist Intelligence Agency label.

“Move Right On” is their first release of 2018, and everyone is already looking forward to what is to follow..


You can Listen to and License the new single here 

You can also stream on Spotify here

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