New Release: Boulevards- Yadig!

Raleigh-born Jamil Rashad goes by the stage name Boulevards. His newly released LP YADIG! dropped this weekend. Mixed by Ken Oriole (Frank Ocean, Andre 3000, Future, Beyonce, Rihanna, Tricky, etc) Produced & Co-written by Russ F Manning ... listen to Yadig! on Spotify here  or get in touch to license!


Jamil Rashad, a/k/a Boulevards, is the embodiment of funk. Taking queues from pioneers such as James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone, Rick James, Funkadelic and Little Richard, Boulevards seamlessly delivers cheeky, party-themed jams that range from raw and risqué to soul.

From an early age, Jamil’s father, a R&B Radio DJ, exposed him to jazz, blues,  funk and R&B. This pushed him to get involved in the city’s local music scene early on in his youth. In his teens, he embraced the punk and metal scene in his hometown of Raleigh, NC; genres that would later go on to influence Rashad’s songwriting by way of their tight technical precision and power. After an art school education and several stints in local bands, Jamil rediscovered and returned to his first true love: funk.

You can also stream on Spotify here

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