New Release: Black Lilys - Boxes

"Boxes" evokes on some sides Bjork, Ben Howard, The XX or even Aurora. At the same time both strong and borrowed of emotion. It strikes, however, its true singularity by proposing a very current realization from exclusively organic sounds. A personal invitation to a deep, warm and universally introspective journey. You can Listen to and License the new album here 

Black Lilys Boxes.jpg

"It was at the death of their mother that Camille and Robin Faure, two Lyonnais, both find themselves and find themselves musically. In a strong need to express themselves, they got closer: she singing, he on the guitar, the siblings are reshaped by contact with notes and words. From these compositions born Black Lilys, an incredible musical project that we absolutely had to talk to you about." Just Focus, France


Check out the Music Video for their epic title track "Boxes" below.


You can Listen to and License the new album here 

You can also stream on Spotify here

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