Art and Opportunity

In the pursuit of happiness, and creativity, we have found the path to opportunity can often be the hardest part of the journey. Talent, combined with heart, can get you so far... so where does opportunity come into it? 

In a year where we have already lost two beloved stars from the world of music and film, we look back upon their careers and paths with true admiration. What made them so special, other than their full bags of talent and identity? The ability to continue to create and pursue their talents certainly played a massive part. Without the second, third and fourth EP, the enigmatic Bowie would never have reached Ziggy Stardust. Whilst Alan Rickman was approaching 40 before he got his first big break.

Is time the greatest ally to creativity? If so, what can we do to support time.

We say this from experience, 2 film school graduates and 2 signed musicians, who had ran out of time somewhere along the line, whilst still in our early 20’s. Missed opportunities were much clearer to see as time passes. 9-5 ensued for some, others carved a career out of the closest niche they could find. We founded North Note because we just couldn’t let it lie. North Note is about dedicating our time to creating a platform for great music. A Platform that creatives around the world can visit, enjoy and license music of genuine quality. 


We are here to create time through opportunity. Opportunity for musicians to create some hard earned money and gain exposure while they’re at it, and in return create more time for their second, and third releases. Opportunity for filmmakers to find music of genuine quality and authenticity, from around the globe, to support their productions, at a fair price, and spend less time doing so. Support the art. Support the artists. Preach! We’ll be popping back to tell you more about us as we go travel the journey with you, but North Note is more about promoting you than ourselves. We’re in it with you.

Visit or get in touch at for more information, we'll be happy to talk.